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Doe in the Monastery Garden | Franz Marc

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Doe in the Monastery Garden

PGA-02014 Doe in the Monastery Garden

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Painting Details

Painting Code PGA-02014
Artist Name Franz Marc
Painting Topic Garden
Painting Technique Expressionism paintings

Franz Marc Doe in the Monastery Garden oil painting reproduction

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Michael Wood
By Michael Wood
on 08-Jan-2018 07:18 AM

Love this one best.
All the paintings been received smoothly , this one is the favorite one.

Marti Hansel
By Marti Hansel
on 15-Jan-2018 07:18 AM

Thanks to the artist for me pls.
This is a Fabulous purchasing experience

Fannie Locke
By Fannie Locke
on 13-Jan-2018 07:18 AM

the painting finally arrived today, i had waited over 1 month.
Admit that the size is large, while i am little bit unsatisfied with long time waited.
Thanks the artist that the painting itself looks great.
Anyway, a nice purchasing experience .

Natalie Collins
By Natalie Collins
on 13-Jan-2018 07:18 AM

The painting received.
While i made a mistake, the size is smaller than the real need.
I know this is not your problem, My question is if i order another one with the right size, could possible any discount?

Glenn Fate
By Glenn Fate
on 07-Jan-2018 07:18 AM

Almost like the REAL one by Leonardo Da Vinci, Love it so much.
This is a pleasure purchase experience, Recommended, guys

Michael Wood
By Michael Wood
on 14-Jan-2018 07:18 AM

Nice angles, nice artist.
Loving them. All the paintings received in good condition.
Thanks, guys

Albert boudin
By Albert boudin
on 14-Jan-2018 07:18 AM

i hanged the painting on my wall today, all my friends say it is wonderful, will refer more business to you.

Marie Jacob
By Marie Jacob
on 16-Jan-2018 07:18 AM

Received , and framed, love them.
Will come back to you with some family portraits in the coming week. Thank you.

Joni Ward
By Joni Ward
on 16-Jan-2018 07:18 AM

I should have your guys paint a larger size.
The one i get seems smaller than it should be.
Of course, this is not your fault.
Although the painting itself looks great, while i am afraid it could be used here.
Will order another one with the larger size, any special discount?

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